Adoulin, Yorcia Weald, & Lots of Gates

It’s been a busy month, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to find some downtime and crank out a few more maps! I’m continuing to prioritize maps that see a lot of use by today’s playerbase, so I thought it would be a good time to tackle Western and Eastern Adoulin, as well asContinue reading “Adoulin, Yorcia Weald, & Lots of Gates”

The San d’Oria Suite and Yuhtunga Jungle

I wrapped up the San d’Orian collection of maps a day or so ago, and glad I did, because it was actually really boring and time-consuming to make. Turns out hundreds of vertical and diagonal lines aren’t fun to draw. Add that to list of things I don’t like about San d’Oria already. 😛 OneContinue reading “The San d’Oria Suite and Yuhtunga Jungle”

Project Kick-Off + First Map

I kicked off the remapster project yesterday in a reddit post, and showcased the first HD map, Bastok Markets. I got a lot of great feedback and enthusiasm, and I’m excited to start this journey. I’ve always wanted to contribute to the FFXI modding community, and this provides me a great opportunity to improve myContinue reading “Project Kick-Off + First Map”