The Giddeus Experiment

One of the goals of Remapster is to dig into the excellent community resources that have been created over the life of FFXI and utilize them to render extremely useful maps that don’t detract from the “legacy feel”.

I felt Giddeus was a great subject for pulling some of those resources into something that looked official, because it had a number of things that can create a frustrating game experience if you don’t have a good map:

  • One-way cliffs
  • Holes
  • Multiple maps
  • An exit to another area that was never clearly labled (Balga’s Dais)

Below, you’ll find the remastered versions of the Giddeus maps, labeled to help you travel between them:

As you can see, I utilized arrows and fonts that look intentional and communicate where the one-way cliff dropoffs are. I also clearly label Map #1 and Map #2, and where each of the various lettered paths take you.

I’m very much looking forward to remastering more of these kinds of zones in particular.

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