Map Pack 1

Hey everyone! We’ve had a lot of interest in Remapster in the last few weeks since our return announcement. While the Windower add-on is still deep in development, we’ve had a few requests for a downloadable map pack. So, the last few weeks, we took some time to prepare the very first map pack for Remapster. While this isn’t the originally how we intended to release these maps, we decided that it’d be the best way to get some more interest in the project and some feedback from the community while we work on more maps and more features for the add-on.

In this map pack, we have all of our “Priority 1” maps. We have a good variety of maps here, but we tried to prioritize some of the more frequently traveled areas of the game.

These maps are generated from the composite script we nicknamed “wiki”. We intended this to be a clean, overlay-free map with readable paths and topography while retaining a useful set of markers for normal adventuring. You can expect to see the following markers in these maps:

  • Homepoints, waypoints, survival guides, and escha portals
  • Shops, services, and guilds
  • Unity and Voidwatch rifts, and colonization and lair reives
  • Zone and map transition letters and numbers to denote connectivity
  • Climbing and watercraft launch points

We have some old classic zones, some new hotness, and even some maps that have never been drawn before. We had to delve deep into the zone geometry to get some of these maps. We hope you enjoy!

Below, you can download each pack in 512px, 1024px and 2048px resolutions. We obviously recommend the crispiest 2048px resolution as it’s the most legible and it’s the native resolution that we draw the maps at. 1024px is a good compromise between the high fidelity and low bandwidth varieties. 512px is the only resolution able to be displayed in-game. Update: See the DAT file release post for instructions on how to get the 2048px maps into the game.

Download the 2048×2048 maps here!

Download the 1024×1024 maps here!

We’ll be keeping the github repository up to date and publishing releases there too. We’ll also be announcing major fixes and new map packs here.

If you have any feedback on the released maps, please submit an issue here.


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