The San d’Oria Suite and Yuhtunga Jungle

I wrapped up the San d’Orian collection of maps a day or so ago, and glad I did, because it was actually really boring and time-consuming to make. Turns out hundreds of vertical and diagonal lines aren’t fun to draw. Add that to list of things I don’t like about San d’Oria already. 😛

One thing you may note is that it’s missing home points, etc. As the addon develops, I’m drawing these items on separate layers. Current plan is for them to be toggled on and off at the player’s discretion, so what you’re seeing is the very “base” level map asset, and icons/markers will layer above it.

As a “break”, I tried out Yuhtunga Jungle because I wanted to tackle yet another proof of concept: a map with lots of underground tunnels. I gathered some community maps and tried to include everything I could that would help the most amount of people:

  • showing the tunnels
  • showing the zones it connects to that didn’t have labels before
  • showing one-directional cliff drops

Hope you’re all enjoying the progress so far!

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