Layers Like an Onion

One of the core features we’ve always planned for was the ability to hide the onslaught of icons in groups so you can focus on what’s important right now. Now that I have some time to sit down and write some code, it was what I wanted to focus on first.

We settled on Eastern Adoulin as our first map to put to the test. And it turned out to be quite the challenge. We quickly realized that the direction we were taking with the icons was a little optimistic. For the icons to live harmoniously onscreen with others, we were going to have to downsize. Spalose managed to redraw the important icons to be more consistent in size and read better at scale. I think they turned out beautiful.

Redrawn icons

The next step was placing these icons in a reusable way. Since we plan on making the maps available for wiki use once they’re complete, we’ll have to “bake” the maps into a single image. The goal is to bake them using the image data we use in the addon itself. We’ll have to write a script to do so, so the icon location has to be readable and easily applied to the baked map. So the icons are located in pixel space relative to the map’s maximum resolution.

Now that the icons are placed, we can show off the work all this was for. ZOOMING.

It’s amazing! You can see what’s going on by zooming in.

And now, the most important feature. The ability to hide groups of unwanted icons. We spent some time trying to come up with catch-all categories, and I don’t think we’re close to a full conclusion, but for now, these will do.

Who’s cutting onions? I’m not crying, you’re crying. Can we get a round of applause for those layer toggle buttons?

Next on the list is the ability to change maps easily. Quite a few zones have multiple maps that would be fun to cycle through. I guess it’d be useful too.

So long for now,

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