Map Pack 2

Hey all, time for another update!

We’ve been working hard on map pack 2 for the last 2 months and we’re finally ready to release! We also have made some fixes to the maps in map pack 1, driven by our own testing but most importantly by YOU. We’ve gotten lots of feedback from you all on fixes for maps and we’ve implemented them! Thank you for your help in bringing this vision to life. We really can’t stress enough how much your encouragements, suggestions, and fixes drive this project.

You can download the latest image files and game files (DATs) for pack 1 and pack 2 on the releases page of our github repository. The game files have been packaged such that they are not split into separate archives. Pack 1 and pack 2 are bundled together.


We *highly* recommend XIPivot for adding modded DAT files to the game. It’s an addon for Windower and Ashita both, and it’s a godsend for loading modded DATs into the game without worrying about game updates steamrolling them.

  1. Head over to the XIPivot releases page and download the latest version for Windower or Ashita.
  2. Extract the zip and copy the xipivot folder to your Windower or Ashita addons folder
  3. Download the DATs from the remapster_maps releases page
  4. Find the addon folder for XIPivot in Windower or Ashita.
  5. Create a “data” folder and inside create a “DATs” folder. Once more, create a “remapster” folder inside the DATs folder.
  6. Extract the DAT files so that the ROM folders are inside the remapster folder.
  7. Create a settings.xml file in the “data” folder and add your remapster folder thus:
  8. Load XIPivot in Windower or Ashita. The maps should load properly without needing to log out and load the game back up.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

Map Pack 1 zones

Aht Urhgan WhitegateEscha – Ru’AunRa’Kaznar Inner Court
Al ZahbiEscha – Zi’TahReisenjima
Bastok MarketsForet de HennetielReisenjima Henge
Bastok Markets [S]Kamihr DriftsRolanberry Fields
Bastok MinesKonschtat HighlandsRolanberry Fields [S]
Batallia Downs [S]La Theine PlateauRu’Lude Gardens
Ceizak BattlegroundsLower Delkfutt’s TowerSauromugue Champaign
Chateau d’OraguilleLower JeunoSih Gates
Cirdas CavernsMarjami RavineSouthern San d’Oria
Dho GatesMetalworksSouthern San d’Oria [S]
Dynamis – BastokMhauraTahrongi Canyon
Dynamis – Bastok [D]Middle Delkfutt’s TowerTavnazian Safehold
Dynamis – BeaucedineMoh GatesUpper Delkfutt’s Tower
Dynamis – BuburimuMorimar Basalt FieldsUpper Jeuno
Dynamis – JeunoNashmauValkurm Dunes
Dynamis – Jeuno [D]NorgWalk of Echoes
Dynamis – QufimNorthern San d’OriaWalk of Echoes [P1]
Dynamis – San d’OriaNyzul IsleWalk of Echoes [P2]
Dynamis – San d’Oria [D]Outer Ra’KaznarWestern Adoulin
Dynamis – TavnaziaPort BastokWindurst Walls
Dynamis – ValkurmPort JeunoWindurst Waters
Dynamis – WindurstPort San d’OriaWindurst Woods
Dynamis – Windurst [D]Port WindurstWoh Gates
Dynamis – XarcabardPso’XjaYahse Hunting Grounds
Eastern AdoulinQufim IslandYorcia Weald

Map Pack 2 zones

Abyssea – AltepaDangruf WadiPromyvion – Mea
Abyssea – AttohwaDavoiPromyvion – Vahzl
Abyssea – KonschtatEast RonfaureQulun Dome
Abyssea – La TheineEast Ronfaure [S]Ra’Kaznar Turris
Abyssea – MisareauxEast SarutabarutaRala Waterways
Abyssea – TahrongiFort GhelsbaRiverne – Site #A01
Abyssea – VunkerlGarlaige CitadelRiverne – Site #B01
Al’TaieuGhelsba OutpostRu’Aun Gardens
Altar RoomGiddeusSea Serpent Grotto
Alzadaal Undersea RuinsGusgen MinesSelbina
ApollyonGustav TunnelSouth Gustaberg
Arrapago ReefInner Horutoto RuinsTemenos
Attohwa ChasmJugner ForestTemple of Uggalepih
Aydeewa SubterraneKorroloka TunnelThe Boyahda Tree
Batallia DownsKuftal TunnelThe Eldieme Necropolis
BeadeauxLufaise MeadowsThe Eldieme Necropolis [S]
Beaucedine GlacierMamookThe Sanctuary of Zi’Tah
Behemoth’s DominionMaze of ShakhramiUleguerand Range
Bhaflau ThicketsMeriphataud MountainsWajaom Woodlands
Bibiki BayMisareaux CoastWaughroon Shrine
Bostaunieux OublietteMonastic CavernWest Ronfaure
Buburimu PeninsulaMount ZhayolmWest Sarutabaruta
Caedarva MireNorth GustabergXarcabard
Castle OztrojaPalborough MinesYhoator Jungle
Castle Zvahl BaileysPashhow MarshlandsYughott Grotto
Castle Zvahl KeepPromyvion – DemYuhtunga Jungle
Crawlers’ NestPromyvion – HollaZeruhn Mines

See you next time map masters,


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